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Check the authenticity of products

Counterfeit protection with the use of the DAT Brand Control System
You are now on the site of the DAT Brand Control System. Our goal is to ensure counterfeit protection of products and help customers to check the authenticity of products.

Check the authenticity of the product using our site, and make sure you bought an original product!
A product is counterfeit-proof if it is labeled with a unique DAT code, hidden under a protective layer (do not buy the product if the protective code was previously revealed).

You can check the authenticity of products protected by the DAT Brand Control System yourself, no special equipment or expert advice needed! Get a response regarding the authenticity of the bought product online in several minutes!

How to check the authenticity?

Buy, a product with a protective DAT sticker or a DAT code hidden inside the product packaging or on the label.
Rub off or remove the top protective layer of the DAT code.
Check the authenticity by entering the 15-digit DAT code in the authenticity check window at www.3888.ru and waiting for the system to respond.
Read the system’s response to your request:
If the code is checked for
the first time, YOU BOUGHT
If you have checked the code more than 2 times, see the RESPONSE OF THE SYSTEM FOR THE FIRST CHECK
If the code is not registered in the system or is not
checked for the first time (checked repeatedly),
the system responds with a COUNTERFEIT NOTICE

Warning! Do not buy the product if the protective layer of the DAT code is damaged!
If a product is listed as being under protection of the DAT Brand Control System but there is no DAT identification code on the product itself, the product may be counterfeited!

We recommend checking the authenticity of the product in the first few hours or days since purchase.


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